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    Your RCDs or Safety Switches are your last line of defence when it comes to electrical faults.

    Without properly working RCDs you are risking roof fires, electrocutions and possibly harm to you or your staff.

    What is RCDs?

    RCDs provide excellent protection for people from accidental electrical shock from low voltage supply. The RCD is designed to disconnect the electricity supply before it gets to dangerous levels and before the bodies muscles have time to react. The RCD, also known as a Safety Switch is a life-saving device.

    All RCDs are fitted with a test push button. When pushed a fault is simulated internally within the RCD which will trip the RCD and disconnect the power source.

    There are two main types of RCDs: Fixed or Portable.

    The test required for RCDs are:

    • The Push button test
    • The Operational (trip time) test
    • Portable RCD testing

    Test your RCDs and safety switches regularly!