There is at least one fire extinguisher in each office. Yet, how often does it get used? How often does it even get looked at or inspected?

Did you know fire extinguishers essentially have an expiry date? Don’t get caught out in an emergency with non-functional emergency equipment. Have us maintain your fire fighting equipment.

Once the fire extinguisher reaches the 5 year mark, we recommend replacing the unit instead of a pressure test being done. The benefit to you is that a new fire extinguisher comes with a 5 year warranty; it is guaranteed to be a 100% effective and gives you peace of mind.

Our Service includes the following:

  • A visual inspection
  • Cleaning and checking every component
  • Weighing to compare the weight on the extinguisher to the weight written on the unit, thus checking for any leakage
  • If the extinguisher passes the inspection, we stamp the ID date tag
  • We then complete the fire service register

We also inspect Fire Blankets – They have to be disposed of and replaced after being used in a fire incident.